A cheetah amongst mice

Poet's heart

Somewhere deep out in the woods there is a woman who has embraced her stoic beauty. Pacing through the woods the light rays glimmering through the trees as it slowly shines upon her only for a brief moment.

The leaves rustle and crack beneath her feet as the palm of her hand is placed upon an old rigid bark of a giant oak tree. She looks up towards the treetops panting heavily. Suddenly the forest goes quiet, for a brief moment everything is silent.

Woodland Huntress is this beautiful pieces name and I am extremely impressed with this piece of work. Once I put it on it painted such a beautiful picture for me. The fact that the smaller skirt can be matched up with the long skirt is just an added bonus! The small skirt comes off too for those who don’t want it there.

But, Poet’s heart has definitely gotten my attention from this outfit. This is an extreme suggestion, I highly recommend this outfit. I feel so wild, stoic while, still feelings beautiful. The owner truly set you in a wonderful atmosphere with this outfit.

Style card:

Top and skirt: Poet’s heart, woodland huntress

Posture collar: r(m) Posture collar No.o3

Tattoo: Aii ~ The Ugly and Beautiful

Eyes: Fate eyes

Skin: Wow skins Gaia milk

Shape: qbee – snowdrop

Hair: Wasabi pills – Morgan mesh hair

Lashes: Noya – butterfly lashes

Horns: a i s l i n g – Mirangki -oldmoss-

Piercings: [leap of faith] Diamond dimple piercing, A:S:S:  deluxe – Monroe piercing, Fall from grace-paws lip piercing.

Second life store:



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