Dripping down your mouth as you smile and quickly remove the ice cream from your chin. You find yourself in an adolescent state, a moment of bliss until you snap out of it and realize it’s all going to go to your hips. A tasty treat that’s sure to swell your feet. You notice the birds behind you as they too eat ice cream continue to get larger, and larger the grass swells and grows into lollipops is this heaven? are you on an ice cream high? What happened and how will you get home?

Style card:

Body suit: Abrasive-goo dress- candy shop event

Hats: Half+Deer sundae delights- sundae hat; wafle cone hat

Bracelet: candy crunchers- kitty bracelet- candy shop event

Polish: [-S-] glitter polish -Candy shop event

Hair: Truth-fleur

Eyes: Fate eyes

Makeup: ni.ju hime eyeshadow and liner

lashes: NOYA butterfly lashes

Shape: Glam affair zara

Skin: League skin Erin

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Hard Candy Lyfe


Wouldn’t’ it be sweet to have a delicious treat like me at your feet? Hat tilted with rainbow peppermint wings, high tight fitted white panties and a candy blue top. Not to mention my rainbow laced to perfection zebra printed heels. What’s not to love about something like the hard candy lyfe? This is the first of multiple posts I will be posting for the CANDY SHOP EVENT!!! I’m so excited to be blogging for such an amazing event. And so many delicious outfits how could you not want to?

Style card:

Top: .:Pulse:. Summer of love Top & Bow -Blue

Bottom: B.I.P. cotton candy panties-white

Shoes: FCDesigns- Dirty candy heels

Bracelet and phone: Candy Crunchers- smart phone5-green; Candy Crunchers- kitty bracelet- purple

Wings: Buttery Toast-Candy swirls-rainbow

Nails: [-S-]-glitter nails

Hair: LCKY- Dickens- rainbow pack

Shape: Glam Affair zara

Skin: League- Erin

Hat: 2Real- CAP

Most articles of clothing excluding the hat, hair skin and shape can be found at the Candy shop event!!

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Evening Tea

Evening Tea

Waiting for a special guest, one of most important. Very special to me to impress, I slinked in my red dress. Added jewels but I digress, I must not be a pest, for I have a very special quest.
When slinking into my red dress.

Style Card:
Dress: FireBird Designs- Double slit dress burgundy

Jewlery: FINESMITH- Mika8 ;Beads-earrings necklace and bracelet

Hair: Slink-Nicolette;Ebony

Hands: Slink relaxed hands

Nail appliers: ZoZ;Silver lace polish

Skin: League-Erin; Fair

Shape: Glam Affair; Zara

Eyes: Fateeyes

Lashes: NOYA butterfly lashes

Ring: Earthstones;Devotion bridal set

More about the designers:

FireBird Designs:
Exclusive outfits for Risque business fair The event will run May 24 – June 15
The dresses will be only 149L

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This polish is available @ Designer Circle for 75 L


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