Bunny Pop


Hop, into your colored dreams, bright colors and wishes, come to bring you kisses. A pop of color a splash of love and fairy dust~! And there’s magic in what you wear. Cupcakes and rainbows, clouds and pencils, things made up from a little girls dream all patterned onto this precious skirt. Tea kettles, rocket ships, This high wasted adorable skirt is a must buy and the store Pixzles is a precious find. The owner is a cheerful delightful woman, I can guarantee with her personality, her store was meant to last a long time! So here’s every girls best wishes for your precious shop and your adorable clothes! XoXo

Style Card:

Skirt: Pixzles- Bunny high waist skirt

Top: Alchemy-Huntress top-bronze

Skates: Lolita- vintage rollar skates-rainbow

Jewelry: Aisling-Darshana bracelets and hand pieces for slink hands! Aisling- Gretchen earrings

Necklace: Open collar- Cage bunny bow

Fishnets: Razorblade-Capri fishnets

Hair: Little Bones- Barbarella

Skin: League Erin

Eyeshadow and liner: [okkbye] Hayfever rainbow shadow and liner

Lipstick: Glam affair-Liv lipstick 09

Eyelashes: Mystara mesh eyelashes

Shape: Glam Affair- zara


Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/brooks-adamz

Market Place: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/107910




What can I say about Ambrosia but it’s a lolita’s dream. I’ve shopped here numerous times and yet still I can not contain myself from coming here. The clothes are all so precious and to make it even better, the prices!! These clothes are an extremely cute and adorable quality with by far the best prices I’ve ever come across especially for a lolita store.

Style card:

Dress: Ambrosia’s Mesh:Tunic dress [red check]

skin: WoW skins Rosa milk

Shape: Qbee snowdrop shape

eyes: Fate eyes

Bolero: a piece from Daddy’s little girl from Boudoir

Fasinor: Avid; The unangel collection

Collar: Open collar; Vicious Jennie

Hair: Ploom; Anya, dipped

Make up:

Lipstick: ::KK:: special lover set(Lipstick only)

Eyelashes: Noya butterfly eyelashes

Eyeliner: *GA* eyeliner v2 Black

Seconlife store information: