New faces


A couple of days ago I have decided to post in sl blogger support for some one to pose in a photo with me for Shiny Shabby and this lovely lady happily offered herself for the job. Is her blog where she too posted a photo of us together. (In my opinion hers was WAY better.) But, we had an awesome time and really enjoyed our conversation. It’s nice to meet different bloggers from time to time.

Style card:

On Me:

Hair: Magika- Written

Rings: ieQED- Irina ring set (gold)@Shiny Shabby

Necklace: AZOURY- Svetlana @Shiny Shabby

Rose: AZOURY- Svetlana @Shiny Shabby

Dress: M.Birdie story- Matryoshka look clothing 2 @Shiny Shabby

Apron: M. Birdie story- Matryoshka look apron@Shiny Shabby

Skin: Deetalez- Mei

Shape and body are The mesh project

Eyes: The sugar garden- Star gazer- rainbow

On Nini:

hair: eXxEsS – ILYA
􀀂Skin: Belleza – EVA @TLC

Dress: Luas – Vintage Spring Dress @ shiny shabby

Bag: Luas – Fiore Bag @ shiny shabby
heels: ieQED – emmy wedge

Cat: Miamai – CATZ Shouldercrawler Ghost
Belleza Mesh Body

Cherry Blossom Festival


Hello! As every one knows this last weekend was a lot of cherry blossom viewing festivals! I wanted to go out and hunt for some beautiful cherry blossoms when I wandered in to Blue Lotus!

Style card:

Kimono/ Furisode: Sakka’s- Obi- sarasa- Green Ver.1

Hair: Truth Hair- Snow

Skin: Deetalez- Mei

Eyes: .Tsg. -star gazer rainbow

Hairpiece: Altair- Sakura Hairpins

Ocean Tastes

Ocean Tastes

The ocean tastes like … hmm.. the ocean tastes like… blue… the blue you feel not form being sad the blue you feel when feeling inspired. The delicate light uplifting flowing effervescent feeling you get that bubbles from inside of you. The trickle from a fresh cold summer rain while it’s hot outside. The ocean tastes refreshing, like a clean shower where the water covers you completely.

Style card:

Nail appliers: Pulcino- [Kin-gyoku] – in blue 😉

Hair: Dela- Vanessa; blondes-5

Eyes: Fateeyes

Eyeshadows: okkbye- hayfever-blue

Blush: Tsg. tintable blush

Lip gloss: Tsg. -raspberry chapstick

Lashes: NOYA butterfly eyelashes

Skin and shape: tsg. hope A